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Luke Kelley.jpg

Luke Kelley

Bull Rider

Cowboys Helping Cowboys is proud to support 2010 CBR World Champion Bull Rider, Luke Kelley and his family; including wife, Kelly and their three children.


Luke has suffered multiple brain aneurysms and has had to have multiple surgeries. Additionally, following a mammogram the day before one of Luke’s surgeries, his wife Kelly received results of potential breast cancer. It was later confirmed through additional testing. Kelly has begun to undergo chemotherapy treatment.


What we love about our rodeo community is their faith and spirit no matter what we have to walk through and that is proven in the Kelley’s story where Kelly stated, “I do not want you to feel sorry for us, I just ask for you to pray for us! God has a plan! Otherwise, he wouldn't have put me on the doorstep of the best breast cancer center in the Midwest! 2022 has been rough I am not going to lie! But our faith is strong, and our family and friends are strong! We are so blessed with such an amazing support team!”

Dusty LaValley

Bareback Rider

We are proud to support Dusty LaValley as a CHC beneficiary. Dusty is a 4x Canadian champion and 2x NFR Bareback rider, who was diagnosed November 2021 with ALS. Dusty has literally the fight of his life ahead of him. While there is currently no cure for this disabling brain disease, Dusty is seeking every treatment possible to slow the progression and live life to the fullest!


The doctors have told Dusty he only has 3 years to live. Like the typical cowboy, Dusty refuses to accept that diagnosis!


We are proud to help support Dusty and his family in this fight and together with the CHC support we hope he is able to enjoy his family and life with the quality we all deserve!

Dusty LaValley.jpg


Cowboys & Cowgirls We Have Helped In Years Past

Jeffrey Collins.jpg

Jeffrey Collins

Bareback Rider

2000 PRCA World Champion,. Fighting myelopathy with brown~sequard cord syndrome causing paralysis from the chest down

Cody Ohl.jpg

Cody Ohl

Calf Roper

6x World Champion Calf Roper. Fighting a severe staph infection.

jessy davis 2.jpg

Jesse Davis

Bareback Rider

7x NFR Bareback riding qualifier

suffered severe internal injuries competing in February 2020


Rob Bell 


3x Canadian Bull Riding Champion, 3x NFR Qualifier, 2x PBR Finalist. Fighting severe MS, with debilitating symptoms.

Shane Hadley.jpg

Shane Hadley

Steer Wrestler

Steer wrestler who suffered a traumatic brain injury while competing in Mineral Wells, TX PRCA event.

2018 Beneficiarie.jpg

Chance Britain

Aspiring Roper

Broken pelvis, broken back, broken ribs, and severe head trauma in a car accident.

Bonner Bolton.png

Bonner Bolton

Bull Rider

PBR Finalist, CBR World Champion. Broken Neck. Multiple Fractured Vertebrae

McKennon Wimberly.png

McKennon Wimberly

Bull Rider

PBR Finalist, TBI - traumatic brain injury.

Dusty LaValley.jpg

Dusty LaValley

Bareback Rider

4x Canadian Champion 

2x NFR Qualifier 

Diagnosed with ALS in 2022. 

Bill Korell 1963_edited.jpg

Bill Korell

Bull Rider

1963 Bull Riding World Champion. Assisted with needed back surgery.


Eric Swenson

Bareback Rider

3x NFR Bareback Riding Qualifier, battling colon cancer.


Julie Carrillo


Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer. Julie has since passed away


Kim Schulze

Barrel Racer

Sustained Internal Injuries From A Horse Accident

Tim Shirley.png

Tim Shirley

Bareback Rider

NFR Bareback Riding Qualifier

Watershed Stroke. Short Term Coma with Loss of Sight

Pistol Robison.png

Pistol Robinson

Bull Rider

PBR finalist. 2 broken femur bones.

Collin McTaggert.png

Collin McTaggert

Bull Rider

NFR bull rider. Severe internal damage to multiple organs. 

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