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Jessy Davis

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Cowboys & Cowgirls We Have Helped In Years Past


Eric Swenson

Bareback Rider

3x NFR Bareback Riding Qualifier, battling colon cancer.

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Shane Hadley

Steer Wrestler

Steer wrestler who suffered a traumatic brain injury while competing in Mineral Wells, TX PRCA event.

Chance Britain

Aspiring Roper

Broken pelvis, broken back, broken ribs, and severe head trauma in a car accident.

Bonner Bolton

Bull Rider

PBR Finalist, CBR World Champion. Broken Neck. Multiple Fractured Vertebrae

McKennon Wimberly

Bull Rider

PBR Finalist, TBI - traumatic brain injury.


Julie Carrillo


Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer. Julie has since passed away


Kim Schulze

Barrel Racer

Sustained Internal Injuries From A Horse Accident

Tim Shirley.png

Tim Shirley

Bareback Rider

NFR Bareback Riding Qualifier

Watershed Stroke. Short Term Coma with Loss of Sight

Pistol Robison.png

Pistol Robinson

Bull Rider

PBR finalist. 2 broken femur bones.

Collin McTaggert.png

Collin McTaggert

Bull Rider

NFR bull rider. Severe internal damage to multiple organs.